The British Education system is globally renowned and to this day remains the envy of many other countries around the world.

But why is British education so celebrated? Why has the number of international students choosing to study in the UK recently surpassed 600,000, with over 25,000 of these students choosing to attend independent schools?

The UK independent school sector has a long history of academic excellence and an internationally recognized curriculum, including GCSE, A-level, and the International Baccalaureate. On average, 58% of students at independent schools go on to attend the top 25 ranked universities in the UK.

Boarding schools are famous for providing exceptional holistic education.
Students are well equipped for the challenges of life and go on to excel at university and in their professional lives. 

Leadership is encouraged throughout students' time at boarding school, developing students' character. This, combined with the boarding environment, cultivates habits of self-discipline and independent thought, helping to produce the leaders of the future.

UK boarding schools benefit from some of the best facilities and most talented teaching faculty on the planet.
Combining this with exceptional pastoral care, students enjoy an environment that breeds success.

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